TV Shows!?!…What TV Shows?

Christmas is a week away and I am really not done getting gifts yet. I have a total of two bought. Each for different people. I am very much behind.

It’s been snowing and we’ve also ended up with ice here. It means I don’t drive. Still been getting to work though. Fortunately have understanding parents who are willing to take me and pick me up. Also, a boyfriend who’s willing to pick me up from work and pick me up from my house. Ah yeah, I should note I have a new boyfriend. I mean I’ve only been with him for a few weeks. Okay, I am sure you get it.

In other news, I am behind in my television shows and the stuff I was watching on Netflix has fallen to being on hold. To be fair I don’t stay up as much after I get home from work. I’ve been going to bed.

I bought this cool Thinking Putty. It’s pretty. It changes color in the light between purple and blue. It’s also shiny and looks liquid when you open it. At least if it’s been sitting flat.

Well, I think that’s it. I guess there’s less to talk about when I don’t have thoughts to give on a show or a movie or you know something. We could do stuff about me list. But I’ve done a few of those and with my luck I’d end up saying stuff I’ve already said. Eh, let’s do it anyway.

  • I am terrified to drive on snow and/or ice to the point that when the thought of driving in the snow last week I was panicking and almost to tears.
  • I enjoy having holiday themed pieces of clothing (especially Christmas). It’s usually socks, underwear, or pajama bottoms.
  • My niece will be 3 months old next Saturday.
  • I love Christmas lights

Time to call it quits on that. The whole post really. Until next time. 🙂

Everything Happens Eventually

Today is one of those days where I am showing up here and not sure about what I even want to say. Why start a post? you ask. Well, because I do have something to say. It’s not like I plan all my posts. I try to write what I am in the mood to write. Not a lot to talk about show wise. I’ve been on hold with all my shows.

My birthday came and went. It feels like Thanksgiving did the same. I had no idea where’d be in my life a year ago. A year ago work stuff had gone to shit and I spent a lot of time crying. It’s incredibly nice to not cry a lot. I feel like I am at better point in my life.

Per usual I typed a bit and stopped. Unsure what to write next. I’ve come up with filler sentences. Some day I’ll move out from my current residence. Just not now. Some day I’ll have more room from my books and DVDs.

I got a few events coming up next year that I am excited about. I’ve written a few sentences now but I keep replacing them. I kind of don’t know how to talk about where I am at in life. I believe things happen for a reason. There’s a reason that my best friend’s cousin didn’t make it to her (and her daughter’s) birthday dinner earlier this year. The cousin is the man I mentioned in the previous post. It wasn’t time for us to meet yet. But months later it definitely was and here I am.

I don’t know how things will unfold or what the coming months will look like. Not that we ever really do know what the future will look like exactly. I’ve really just been going with the flow and feels right. Maybe it’s stupid or ridiculous. It doesn’t feel like it.

We grow ever closer to Bones’ final season. It doesn’t feel completely real at times even with cast members tweeting about it. But maybe I feel that way because what’s going on in my personal life feels like a dream. I never imagined that what’s happening is.

I have portable Christmas lights. Okay, it’s a Christmas lights necklace. It makes me feel magical when I wear it.Yes, my best friend’s cousin got it for me.

It’s time to wrap this up. Until next time!


Every Once in Awhile

I’ve been busy which is a new thing for me. I am use to not being busy. It’s nice. Well, for some of the time. I am feeling a chilling in my room time coming up.

I’ve also had the new experience of meeting someone and just knowing it’s going somewhere. It’s kind of…uh it’s hard to describe. Being with him feels so natural. It’s like we’ve known each other longer than we have. But we’re still getting to know each other. There’s that quote from Bones that involves, “…every once in awhile two people meet and there’s that spark…”.  We’ll leave it there for now.

I’ve started watching The Originals but it’s been a couple weeks since I watched because life. I plan on getting back to it. Probably this week. That’s the goal. I went bowling on my birthday a couple of weeks ago and that was fun. I was reminded that I am a crappy bowler but that’s okay. Then the day after my birthday I went to the beach for a couple of days with a couple of friends. It was a lot of fun. Ugh, I am being incredibly boring. Fact time, if I can come up with any.

  • I bought tickets to see David Duchovny in February. I am excited for this.
  • I don’t really listen to the radio too much. I tend to play music from iPod or CDs that I have.
  • I got the 1st season of Californication for my birthday. It turns out I really like it. Guess that’s what happens when you give something a second chance. You know sometimes.
  • I am really into Dutch Bros. White Coffee. Mostly because it doesn’t affect me the same way that regular coffee does.
  • Should I get married I want an autumn wedding.
  • There are times where I’d like to up and move to another state or just away. Just slip away leave everything behind and start over.
  • The feeling usually passes. Not to mention at this point I wouldn’t.

Okay, that’s enough about me. Besides it’s my bedtime. Until next time.

It’s Time We Talked

Truth is I am here because I was thinking about David Duchovny and thought I would come say somethings. But as usual now that I am here I don’t know where to start or what even to say. I’ve made it perfectly clear in the past that he’s my precious.

I can’t really explain that. Not in any real way that might make sense. David D. just is my precious. The thing is I was rereading an interview that he had done earlier in the year. Mind you the first time I read it was like last week. But this is the third time I’ve looked over it. I’ve also watched interviews with him. Some with Gillian Anderson, some by himself. There’s just something about him.

Something about him in a quiet and calm way. He sits next to Gillian Anderson as she’s giggling and turning away or turning into him and hiding behind him as she has difficulty getting words out. HIs presence beside her is rather calming for me. Especially to think about. He smiles and waits.

We’ll leave the above paragraphs there because they’re all still true.

I should go to bed it’s 4am now but caffeine. Usually I might have some facts about myself I decide to share but not sure I am in the mood do to so now. I am sitting here unsure what to write or even to do. Part of me wants to watch something. Screw the time but I still have to do laundry later. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. Really, I shouldn’t drink coffee at 6pm at night.

Wow! I am being incredibly boring now. We aren’t going to talk about the election. I did this Paint Nite thing with some friends on Saturday night. It was fun.

I am going to leave it here. Until next time.

Post? What Post?

Let’s give all two of you more uninteresting facts about myself because…it sounds like fun to me. Plus you know I am all for entertaining myself.

  • Fox Mulder is now referred to as my precious. Occasionally presh. Though to be fair I sometimes refer to other David Duchovny characters as precious.
  • I now own 3 X Files shirts. I am not sorry.
  • I am going to be an aunt. Yes, I am super excited about this. The baby shower is tomorrow.
  • I am currently watching a rerun of Bones. Yes, as I am typing this watching it. Buck and Wanda. Good times. There’s Sweets and Vincent Nigel Murray. Aw, now I am a bit sad. Yeah, season 4.
  • While I like the sun and daylight there’s something about the dark that appeals to me. I am tempted to use the word soothing. Unless I’ve watched something that is scary then that’s a whole other story.
  • I bought a Dana Scully and Fox Mulder Pop! characters. They just kind of fell into my basket.

I am rather distracted by this Bones episode. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye next year. I am currently waiting for Aquarius which starts at 9pm. Though that might be put on hold. In fact that’s looking extremely likely. That’s okay. Some episodes of The X-Files then Aquarius and then bed. Right, this is me heading off.

Maybe a better post next time. No guarantees but you know maybe.

When The Unbelievable Happens

I have decided that on my birthday I will be staying away from social media and the television as much as possible. This way election day shall be…I don’t know it’s still on my birthday but at least I can do my best to keep it from interfering with my joy of my birthday.

I started rewatching The X Files. It’s home. I am very excited for the three X Files shirts that are on their way to me. Yeah, August has been the month of, “let’s see how much money I can spend”. The reality is that seasons are being released this month on top of the stuff I am getting. The thing I don’t have is The X Files on DVD. Yeah, watched it all between Netflix and Amazon video. And wow! I feel like I am being incredibly boring. We’ll pick this up later then.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around David Tennant coming to Oregon. I was beside myself when I first read. Hell, there were tears streaming down my face. I mean my god David Tennant. The whole two of you know how I feel about his acting. It’s like God or the universe was like, “Here let’s make up for the fact that your birthday falls on election day this year.” Fuck man, thank you. Also, a great big thank you to Dean Devlin for wanting him to be in a movie of his.

So, while I am over here going, “Is this real life?” I have once again bought books. Also, a Pop! Figure of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Oh and those books all but one is X-Files. There’s that.

I read David Duchovny’s Holy Cow. It was a funny and brilliant read.

Until next time everyone!

What? No Adults Here

Well, I’ve checked out Aquarius and I am liking it so far. A bit different that what I watch but it’s something that I want to see more of. I have made an attempt with Californication. I might give it another try but it may be a bit much for me. Now then, I watched this movie David Duchovny is in called Louder Than Words. Very good movie. I very much recommend you checking it out. It’s currently available on Netflix. I will warn you that you might cry some.

Making goals for yourself at work sucks. Not even kidding. Even more so when you actually set up a plan with your supervisor for improvement (working towards the goal). It’s like yeah I know it’s good for me to stop avoiding answering and making phone calls at work and I am completely the one who said I wanted to improve on this but why me. What is wrong with me that I pick the thing I have a lot of anxiety about? Oh right because I am trying to work on that. Fuck.

Don’t mind me I am just going to sit here and complain about my wanting to self improve. Super supportive bosses and co-workers which all good things. But I still want to go hide from phones at work and I can’t. Being an adult sucks. At the moment it is a 100% necessary that I state the obvious.

Okay, I am done with that for now. You know what can be really nice to do? Coloring. I love that. Been doing that. Coloring with gel pens and color pencils. Good things.

Until next time.